The Spring will come… without papers!

In support of the immigrant struggle Nomads spreads the call for the
that will request the freedom of transit trough borders, is planned to arrive from some countries to Bruxelles in time for the elections of the European parliament in May and will remain a meeting point for massive protests at the EU-summit on migration policy, the 26th and 27th of June .

Next appointment will be on Saturday March 1st with demonstration and events to announce and finance the Caravan.

The Caravan Demands:
For equality and the end of competition between us!
Freedom of movement and residency
Permanent documents, without criteria (not depending on working contracts)
Same working conditions for all
Stop the imprisonment and deportation of migrants
Same political, social and cultural rights for all

For memory and dignity !
Stop the European imperialist policy (free trade treaties, NATO wars,…)
Abolish Frontex, Eurosur and other anti – migration policies and measures
Stop the humanitarian business exploiting migrants, refugees and Roma

For more rights and social justice!
Education, health and housing for all.
Political rights for all (demonstration, expression, vote)
Against racism and sexism.

The Coalizione Internazionale dei Sans-Papiers e Migranti (CISPM- Italia), told us how two years ago the Italian section has faced a march through 6 frontiers including the most difficult, the Swiss border, without papers and permissions, nor only for the people but also for the march itself. He tells how for any hazards of the act to commit many comrades who joined the march, gave up the crossing, scattering before the border, returning to a non-home, for fear of losing their non-work, not brave to challenge the loss of their non-rights.

The crossings were however armless they have never presented a real danger, there was not a intimation on stopping or identification of the persons participating in the march. Thankfully there was not violent repression, and the time has filled them with joy and hope for the defense of human dignity.

Crossing Borders symbolically united, proved that the more dangerous limit of an unjust law is within each of us, those boundaries do not delineate a real space but the space of fear and repression!

For this reason, we hope that the brothers and sisters who during their lifetime have raised their head even once for half a minute, will learn how to walk tall, and fight for theyr rights. That those who in the past said it is useless and too dangerous, this time will cross those borders with us.

The caravan of Italian immigrants is organizing the path of the journey, trying to pass not only in the streets, like Bologna who is a candidate to host an event, and into the refugees lager which are one of the destinations in which unlikely we would go but where is more important to be, but also in the areas of exploitation and black labor.

We call for solidarity to the European and especially to all the inhabitants of the border zones to join the march, to mix hundreds, thousands … of immigrants with people with European citizenship, making with the necessar amount of work to register every name, just insane and bureaucratically redundant the application of the Treaty of Dublin.

This caravan as the marches made before are the real direct action against the Treaty of Dublin,and the real application of the Charter of Lampedusa (common work of self-organized and self-written Charter of migrants rights!)  IT

Each way to arrive to Bruxelles, will be token, walking, driving, skating…
Already a path has been declared handing in Strasbourg.

But people will come from all over Europe so contact us!

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