The Spring will come… without papers!

In support of the immigrant struggle Nomads spreads the call for the
that will request the freedom of transit trough borders, is planned to arrive from some countries to Bruxelles in time for the elections of the European parliament in May and will remain a meeting point for massive protests at the EU-summit on migration policy, the 26th and 27th of June .

Next appointment will be on Saturday March 1st with demonstration and events to announce and finance the Caravan.

The Caravan Demands:
For equality and the end of competition between us!
Freedom of movement and residency
Permanent documents, without criteria (not depending on working contracts)
Same working conditions for all
Stop the imprisonment and deportation of migrants
Same political, social and cultural rights for all

For memory and dignity !
Stop the European imperialist policy (free trade treaties, NATO wars,…)
Abolish Frontex, Eurosur and other anti – migration policies and measures
Stop the humanitarian business exploiting migrants, refugees and Roma

For more rights and social justice!
Education, health and housing for all.
Political rights for all (demonstration, expression, vote)
Against racism and sexism. Continue reading