Projects 2013

kitili_bnThe first Nomads project in Conakry was carried out from February to middle April 2012 in collaboration with local NGO as “Notre Monde” and “Tina Fan”.

The first works in the audiovisual and cinema field, the second holds a self-managed circus school for children with social deprivation problems and homelessness and provides rooms for a literacy course and for the activities of Notre Monde.

One of the main aim our project is the association independence in the organization and planning of this kind of workshop so our focus has been to build a collaboration partnership able to promote the reciprocal exchage and to increase our knowing of the guinean contest to identify Notre Monde’s real needs to rearrange our project on them.

We noticed that they don’t really need a practical collaboration during the lessons but they are more interested in the workshop organization, in the production of materials for the lessons and in the education of those who learn the lessons because they have no access to the continual upgrade of the technological field in our word.

One of the main problems they have to face in the realization of this kind of workshop is the lack of money needed for the photocopies, the petrol for the generator ( necessary to guarantee the lessons also when there is no electricity) an the educators costs.

For the next project our proposal is to support Notre Monde in the organization of a new workshop without taking part to the realization period.

We plan a meeting with the educators where we will explain the practical exercises linked to the different workshop modules (Last year we took care of the practical exercises) and give them books, manuals and files that can be useful for their upgrade.

We would like to give to the association a budget that could cover the workshop costs.

We agree with Note Monde that the lessons will be filmed by the guys who took part to the last year workshop so that it can on one hand a repetition and practice, on the other hand this material will witness that the budget we gave him, had been used for its purpose.

If this experience will going on in a successful way, we can plan to send them a workshop budget every year, so the project continuity can be guarantee without our presence in Conakry.





We left a computer in the multipurpose room of Tina Fan and thanks to the internet key (in Conakry is very hard to get a basic internet connection at home), we set up the first experimental internet access for the youngs homeless who are living in the association rooms. This year we would like to evaluate the usability and effectiveness of the Internet point, if we can find one or two guys who live in the halls of the Association for a formation that allows to keep the computer running through the year, even if there are technical problems.


Among the activities sponsored by Notre Monde there is Ambulant Cinema (Traveling Cinema) that organizes screenings in villages and slums where the Cinema does not arrive.

This project is being carried out by the association with difficulties because of the lack of resources.
We would like to be able to support the Ambulant Cinema organizing along with Notre Monde outputs and identifying what needs and resources are necessary to ensure the continuity of the project.
We agreed with Notre Monde to show movies that deal with subjects able to open a dialogue and comparison with unknown or hidden realities (emigration from Africa, the situation of emigrated people to Europe, exploitation of their nation, homosexuality, …), and then carry out a project together where they can talk about their everyday life and their point of view about one of these content.

Behind the project there is the strong conviction that cinema has educational and emancipation purposes.
Since one of the most pressing problems in Conakry is the lack of a electricity supply, we are trying to inform about the possibilities of alternative and sustainable energy to be independent from the public service.